It's important to ask "why was this product created?", "why does it exist?" and "why you might want to use it?". Here are my answers.

why was this product created?

I've created this product in 2023 as a tool to publish updates for Montaigne. It also allowed me to finally start my own personal newsletter. On top of that I was able to create a simple way to notify users for all the products updates, eg public photos has it's own newsletter.

why does it exist?

It exists for several reasons:
  • Many popular tools are either too complicated.
  • Many popular tools force you to use their editors.
  • Many popular tools track users by default.
  • Many popular tools force marketing on the creators and consumers.
  • Many popular tools are against authenticity and simplicity.
Basically I didn't find the tool that I want to use and endorse personally.

why you might want to use it?

This one is the hardest question. Your situation is unique. Use it if you like simplicity. Use it if you care about privacy of your readers. Use it if you'd like to support products that try to follow some of the principles listed here.